Sports Cards & Collectibles

Sports Cards & Collectibles:

We have lots of sports cards & memorabilia…

  • Baseballs
  • Footballs Autographed
  • Action figures
  • And many other items, too many to list

My husband and business partner was a sports collectible presenter for many years, and we have a collection that spans over 14 years as a dealer.

Only the best of our collection:

We only have a small sample of the cards and other collectibles that we have moved into the store. We will be moving more in so you will want to keep checking with us. My husband, Phil, has more at home and you can contact him if you are looking for something particular.


Many autographed items and a massive NASCAR area located in the back of the store. They have taken over the whole back of the first level, behind the stairs. Probably the largest collection this far from a track.


NASCAR 6 8-16