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Angel Tribe

Magic Card Back

Angel Tribe created 4-1-18

$7.45 Adarkar Valkyrie White R $0.90 Glimmering Angel White C
$7.00 Admonition Angel White M $7.00 Goldnight Castigator Red M
$2.55 Aegis Angel White R $0.90 Goldnight Redeemer White U
$8.00 Akroma, Angel of Fury Red M $1.80 Guardian of the Gateless White U
$15.00 Akroma, Angel of Wrath White M $1.50 Guardian Seraph White R
$3.00 Angel of Condemnation White R $1.45 Guiding Spirit White/Blue R
$1.45 Angel of Deliverance White R $1.00 Haunted Angel White U
$5.90 Angel of Despair White/Black R $1.35 Herald of Serra White R
$2.00 Angel of Finality White R $0.95 Herald of the Host White U
$1.00 Angel of Flight Alabaster White R $2.50 Herald of War White R
$6.45 Angel of Fury White R $3.00 Illusory Angel Blue U
$1.40 Angel of Glory’s Rise White R $2.50 Indomitable Archangel White R
$10.00 Angel of Invention White M $30.00 Iona, Shield of Emeria White M
$4.00 Angel of Jubilation White R $3.00 Iridescent Angel White/Blue R
$11.70 Angel of Light White U $11.00 Jenara, Asura of War White/Blue/Green M
$2.00 Angel of Mercy White U $9.00 Karmic Guide White R
$0.95 Angel of Renewal White U $1.15 Lightkeeper of Emeria White U
$1.15 Angel of Retribution White R $2.05 Lightning Angel White/Blue/Red R
$2.40 Angel of Salvation White R $50.00 Linvala, Keeper of Silence White M
$16.00 Angel of Sanctions White M $10.00 Linvala, the Preserver White M
$8.00 Angel of Serenity White M $3.55 Luminous Angel White R
$3.60 Angel of the Dire Hour White R $13.95 Maelstrom Archangel White/Blue/Black/Red/Green M
$1.20 Angel of the God-Pharaoh White U $2.45 Magister of Worth White/Black R
$2.25 Angelic Arbiter White R $0.95 Malach of the Dawn White U
$1.35 Angelic Captain White/Red R $1.00 Melesse Spirit White U
$0.90 Angelic Curator White C $1.00 Patron of the Valiant White U
$1.10 Angelic Field Marshal White R $12.00 Platinum Angel R
$3.80 Angelic Overseer White M $4.05 Pristine Angel White R
$1.15 Angelic Page White C $5.10 Radiant, Archangel White U
$1.10 Angelic Protector White U $3.45 Razia, Boros Archangel White/Red R
$4.00 Angelic Rocket R $1.10 Reaper of Flight Moonsilver White U
$2.00 Angelic Skirmisher White R $1.60 Requiem Angel White R
$5.00 Anya, Merciless Angel White/Red M $2.00 Resolute Archangel White R
$5.00 Archangel White U $17.00 Restoration Angel White R
$60.00 Archangel Avacyn White M $7.05 Reya Dawnbringer White R
$3.00 Archangel of Strife White R $2.00 Selenia, Dark Angel White/Black R
$28.00 Archangel of Thune White M $3.15 Seraph White R
$15.00 Archangel of Tithes White M $0.80 Seraph of Dawn White C
$25.00 Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice White/Blue/Black/Green M $1.00 Seraph of the Masses White U
$10.00 Aurelia, the Warleader White/Red M $1.45 Seraph of the Suns White U
$41.10 Avacyn, Angel of Hope White M $2.30 Seraph of the Sword White R
$2.00 Avacyn, Guardian Angel White R $1.10 Serra Advocate White U
$1.35 Avenging Angel White U $1.50 Serra Angel White U
$16.00 Baneslayer Angel White M $6.70 Serra Avenger White R
$6.05 Basandra, Battle Seraph White/Red R $2.60 Shattered Angel White U
$3.65 Battlegrace Angel White R $0.90 Shepherd of the Lost White U
$5.00 Blinding Angel White R $8.30 Sigarda, Heron’s Grace White/Green M
$4.00 Brisela, Voice of Nightmares M $14.30 Sigarda, Host of Herons White/Green M
$10.00 Bruna, Light of Alabaster White/Blue M $2.85 Silver Seraph White R
$1.50 Chancellor of the Annex White R $2.40 Starlit Angel White U
$1.30 Copper-Leaf Angel R $3.00 Stoic Angel White/Blue/Green R
$2.45 Crypt Angel Black R $0.85 Subjugator Angel White U
$2.00 Dawnbreak Reclaimer White R $10.45 Sublime Archangel White M
$3.45 Deathless Angel White R $1.90 Sunblast Angel White R
$3.00 Deathpact Angel White/Black M $1.05 Sustainer of the Realm White C
$3.05 Desolation Angel Black R $1.30 Sustaining Spirit White R
$8.00 Do-It-Yourself Seraph White M $10.45 Tariel, Reckoner of Souls White/Black/Red M
$1.75 Emancipation Angel White U $0.90 Tormented Angel White C
$2.00 Emeria Angel White R $3.05 Twilight Shepherd White R
$2.00 Emeria Shepherd White R $1.20 Victory’s Herald White R
$7.00 Empyrial Archangel White/Blue/Green M $2.75 Voice of All White U
$5.15 Exalted Angel White M $1.10 Voice of Duty White U
$10.00 Exquisite Archangel White M $1.00 Voice of Grace White U
$1.60 Fallen Angel Black R $1.00 Voice of Law White U
$1.50 Filigree Angel White/Blue R $1.10 Voice of Reason White U
$2.00 Firemane Angel White/Red R $0.70 Voice of the Provinces White C
$2.15 Firemane Avenger White/Red R $1.00 Voice of Truth White U
$1.75 Flameblade Angel Red R $1.75 Warrior Angel White R
$1.95 Gabriel Angelfire White/Green R $1.50 Wayward Angel White R
$44.60 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight White/Red M $1.15 Winged Shepherd White C
$30.00 Gisela, the Broken Blade White M $0.75 Wispweaver Angel White U

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