Yisan, The Wanderer Bard Mono Green Commander

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

Yisan, The Wanderer Bard Mono Green Commander:

Here’s another of Phil’s decks…or at least this is the list when we made it. He tends to mess with them. Keep an eye out. He now has over 100 commander decks that I will be putting on the site.

Yisan, The Wandering Bard$1.85Heroes’ Bane (foil)$2.50Forgotten Ancient$5.85
Forest Full Art x33$66.00Wildest Dreams$1.45Burgeoning$14.00
Mwonvuli Beast Tracker$0.80Treetop Village$5.50Elvish Scrapper$1.00
Quest for Renewal$1.60Gravity Well$1.50Primeval Protector$3.00
Gigantomancer$1.45Verdant Embrace$1.50Champion of Lambholt$2.85
Elemental Resonance$1.20Kodama’s Reach$2.70Journey of Discovery$0.90
Stonehoof Chieftan$9.45Brawn$3.30Verdant Confluence$3.00
Hydra Broodmaster$1.50Woodborn Behemoth$0.85Primal Bellow$1.00
Timbermaw Larva$0.75Skyreaping$0.85Feed the Clan$0.75
Copperhoof Vorrac$1.10Bow of Nylea$3.00Nissa’s Renewal$3.75
Fork in the Road$0.80Elvish Mystic (Foil)$2.50Champion of Rhonas$46.00
Pulse of Murasa$0.70Beastmaster Ascension$0.75Plated Crusher$0.90
Eaten By Spiders$0.85Revealing Wind$0.70Outland Colossus$1.35
Nemesis of Mortals$0.80Rhonas’s Monument$1.45Managorger Hydra$5.00
Aid from the Cowl$4.75Boundless Realms$3.45Thrive$0.85
Moldgraf Monstrosity$1.25Sekki, Seasons’ Guide$1.50Fyndhorn Elder$1.20
Artisan’s Sorrow$0.85Fog$0.90Spring Cleaning$0.80
Thicket Elemental$1.20Splendid Reclamation$5.00Silklash Spider$2.00
Creeping Mold$1.00Karametra’s Acolyte$0.80Ambush Viper$0.85
Refreshing Rain$1.00Oran-Rief Hydra$1.60Phytotian$1.35
Jaddi Offshoot$0.85Thunderfoot Baloth$4.25Rancor$6.20
Mistcutter Hydra$1.95Pheres-Band Tromper$0.70Total$254.40
Plated Slagwurm$1.50Into the Wilds$1.85

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