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Commander List 3-24-18

Here’s a list of all the current Commanders thought it would be helpful. Commander Color Commander Color Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Blue Lu Su, Wu Advisor Blue Adamaro, First to Desire Red Lu Xun, Scholar General Blue Admiral Beckett Brass Blue/Black/Red Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist Blue/Red Adriana, Captain of the Guard White/Red Lyzolda,…

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Common & Uncommon Commanders

Here’s a list of common and uncommon commanders current to 3-24-18 Axelrod Gunnarson Black/Red U Lu Meng, Wu General Blue U Azamuki, Treachery Incarnate Red U Lu Xun, Scholar General Blue U Barktooth Warbeard Black/Red C Marhault Elsdragon Red/Green U Bartel Runeaxe Black/Red/Green U Nagao, Bound by Honor White U…

Forest Full Art

Mono Green Infect Pauper Deck

Mono-Green Infect another great pauper deck from Nathan Marcarono comes to a total of $39.00 at our prices. —Creature (20)— 4x Blight Mamba 1.05/4=4.20 4x Blightwidow .80/4=3.20 4x Cystbearer .75/4=3.00 4x Glistener Elf 2.45/4=9.80 4x Rot Wolf .75/4=3.00 —Instants (20)— 4x Titanic Growth .75/4=3.00 4x Scent of Ivy .85/4=3.40 4x…

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Pauper Blue/Green Infect Standard Deck Build

Here’s another great pauper deck build from Nathan Marcono Blue/Green Infect Total-$56.90 –Creatures (20)– $32.80 4x Glistener Elf 2.45/4=9.80 4x Blighted Agent 2.20/4=8.80 4x Blight Mamba 2.05/4=8.20 4x Rot Wolf .75/4=3.00 4x Cystbearer .75/4=3.00 –Instant (13)– $9.20 2x Aspect of Hydra .75/2=1.50 3x Awaken the Bear .70/3=2.10 3x Crippling Chill…

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

Yisan, The Wanderer Bard Mono Green Commander

Yisan, The Wanderer Bard Mono Green Commander: Here’s another of Phil’s decks…or at least this is the list when we made it. He tends to mess with them. Keep an eye out. He now has over 100 commmander decks that I will be putting on the site. Yisan, The Wanderer…


Clone Control Standard Build

Here’s a standard 60 card Clone control build for anyone who still plays with the 60 card decks. Num Name Price Lands 20 Islands $0.00 4 Lonely Sandbar $3.60 Creatures 4 Clone $4.80 4 Fleeting Image $6.00 3 Thieving Magpie $3.00 1 Morphling $8.05 2 Sakashima the Impostor $51.50 Spells…

Kambal, Consul of Allocation

Kambal, Consul of Allocation Black/White Commander

Here’s Kambal, Consul of Allocation Black/White Commander: Kambal, Consul of Allocation $4.65 Fated Return $1.40 Shimmering Grotto $0.90 Caves of Kalios $7.00 Angel of Serenity $8.00 Forsaken Sanctuary $1.10 Soul Conduit $1.30 Transguild Promenade $0.80 Angelic Skirmisher $2.00 Ghastly Conscription $3.00 Spectra Ward $2.25 Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni $8.75 Archangel’s…

Rivals of Ixalan Price List

2-16-18 New Price List

Hey guys I know I’m kinda late posting this but here’s the spreadsheet and the pdf of the new prices, current to 2-16-18 Rivals of Ixalan Price List MTG prices Rivals of Ixalan new magic prices Rivals of Ixalan new magic prices PDF

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath Mono Black Commander

Here’s Phil’s Mono Black:¬†Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath-it uses zombie tokens. Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath $7.00 Diabolic Tutor $1.60 Planar Bridge $10.00 Zombie Infestation $1.95 Ad Nauseam $6.00 Doom Blade $1.25 Planar Portal $5.90 Total $155.00 Archetype of Finality $1.00 Door of Destinies $7.95 Sever Soul $0.90…


Cromat Commander Deck-Phil’s

Here’s Phil’s Cromat Commander Deck with prices: Azorius Guildgate $0.90 Esper Charm $2.60 Nomad Outpost $1.70 Stoic Angel $3.00 Bant Charm $0.90 Evolution Charm $1.00 Obelisk of Alara $3.10 Sultai Charm $1.05 Boros Charm $12.95 Frontier Bivouac $1.30 Opaline Unicorn $0.75 Swamp $0.00 Boros Garrison $3.55 Fury Charm $0.75 Opulent…