Mono White Pauper Deck

Unhinged Full Art
Unhinged Full Art

Pauper Deck Build from our customers:

We have decided since so many new players start at our store we would start putting cheap decks up that our customers come up with and give them credit. We will be putting up all different deck build.

Because we set our own prices I thought it would be nice to have all the prices you would expect to pay at our store on these decks.

So here is one of the decks that Nathan Marcano sent me:

Mono White Soul Sisters

—Creatures (20)— Total $34.05

4x Soul Warden $2.05/4=8.20
4x Soul’s Attendant $4.00/4=16.00
3x Goldenglow Moth .80/3=2.40
3x Kemba’s Skyguard .75/3=2.25
2x Student of Ojutai .80/2=1.60
4x Thraban Inspector  .90/4=3.60

—Instant (9)— Total $9.15

3x Expose Evil .75/3=2.25
4x Raise the Alarm 1.35/4=5.40
2x Rootborn Defences .75/2=1.50

—Sorcery (8)— Total $5.70

2x Captain’s Call .75/2=1.50
2x Knight Watch .70/2=1.40
4x Triplicate Spirits .70/4=2.80

—Lands (23)— Total $3.60

4x Drifting Meadow .90/4=3.60
19x Plains= All Basic lands are free at our shop

—Sideboard— Total $13.50

3x Journey to Nowhere 1.60/3=4.80
2x Kill Shot .70/2=1.40
2x Avenging Arrow .70/2=1.40
2x Divine Verdict .85/2=1.70
3x Neck Snape .70/3=2.10
3x Rebuke .70/3=2.10

Total for the deck without the sideboard: $52.50 With the sideboard: $66.00

Not bad when you consider we trade, and on Sunday if you are a member that will drop the deck price to $26.25 without the sideboard and $33 with
All you need to do to become a member and get the Sunday discounts is sign-up for our newsletter.