Karona, False God

Karona, False God
Karona, False God
Karona, False God$1.60Jeskai Banner$0.70Fractured Identity$5.00
Scute Mob$3.35Dictate of Karametra$1.20Urza’s Mine$12.00
Frontier Bivovac$1.35Orzhov Signet$0.95Part the Waterveil$5.00
Conflux (foil)$20.00Wall of Shards$10.00Seaside Citadel$3.45
Merciless Eviction$2.25Ghosts of the Innocent$1.20Tempt with Reflections$1.50
Unifying Theory$1.20Rupture Spire$1.05Mardu Banner$0.70
Tempt with Glory$1.20Plague of Vermin$1.10Curse of Echoes$1.10
Alliance of Arms$2.25Tempt with Immortality$1.60Dictate of the Twin Gods$10.00
Sultai Banner$0.70Sphere of Truth$0.95Orbs of Warding$1.30
Sylvan Scrying$3.45Borderland Explorer$0.85Coercive Portal$3.75
Mass Hysteria$1.75Aegis of the Gods$3.80Brooding Savrian$1.50
Blazing Archon$4.00Abzan Banner$0.70Sphere of Duty$0.95
Show and Tell$81.05Manailth$0.95Gahiji, Honored One$3.00
Horn of Greed$6.35Sphere of Law$0.95Urza’s Tower$8.50
Tangleroot$1.20Obelisk of Esper$1.10Minds Aglow$3.15
Council’s Judgement$35.00Helm of Awakening$2.60An-Zerrin Ruins$1.50
Leyline of Singularity$2.10Embodiment of Spring$0.70Bubble Matrix$1.85
Sphere of Grace$0.95Opulent Palace$1.35Temporal Cascade$1.20
Temur Banner$0.70Jungle Shrine$2.00Arbiter of Knollridge$1.10
Blood Seeker$0.75Urza’s Power Plant$6.75Suture Priest$1.65
Mystic Monastery$2.00Tempt with Vengeance$5.85Samurai of the Pale Curtain$1.50
Sylvan Offering$1.50Boros Garrison$3.55Sphere of Reason$0.95
Tempt with Discovery$3.50Evolutionary Escalation$2.00Sphere of Purity$0.75
Obelisk of Grixis$0.85Hamletback Goliath$1.50Mountian-5
Deck Total$303.85

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