Iname, Death Aspect

Iname, Death Aspect
Iname, Death Aspect
Iname, Death ASpect$1.20Dark Deal$1.25Night of the Soul’s Betrayal$9.00
Syphon Mind$1.00Damnable Pact$1.75Silence the Believers$1.80
Read the Bones$0.75Nekrataal$1.20Aether Snap$1.25
Consuming Vapors$2.00Mutilate$4.15Diabolic Tutor$1.60
Desecration Demon$4.45Balthor the Defiled$4.95Tempt with Immorality$1.60
Mortal Combat$1.65Living End$30.30Living Death$5.55
Wight of Presinct Six$1.80Darkling Stalker$0.80Queen’s Bay Soldier$0.90
Bile Urchin$0.80Curse of the Cabal$2.00Kami of the Waning Moon$0.75
Gloomdrifter$0.95Searchlight Geist$0.85Kyoki, Saniy’s Eclipse$1.20
Kami of Lunacy$0.95Akuta, Born of Ash$1.10Emissary of Hope$0.95
He who Hungers$1.20Kami of Empty Graves$0.75Kemvri-Onna$0.93
Deathknell Kami$0.75Dark Revenant$0.80Gloom Surgeon$1.50
Infernal Kirin$1.20Wicked Akuba$0.80Accursed Spirit$0.70
Dancing Scimitar$1.10Puppeteer Clique$8.00Hero’s Downfall$8.30
Duress$1.50Praetor’s Grasp$2.00Disowned Ancestor$0.70
Howling Banshee$0.85Dimir House Guard$0.80Full art Swamp-40 (1 Basic)$78.00
Deck Total$198.38

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